History and the modern era simply fit together. The proof of that is a unique project called Gorkeho4 Offices as its high quality reconstruction has brought these two different worlds together. The building’s breath-taking architecture accompanied with eye-catching corner towers and beautifully decorated facade hide the representative interior fully equipped with the latest technology and comfort. Stunning interior meets the highest standards of the most demanding clientele who is looking for exclusive offices at the prestigious address. In the heart of the Old Town in Bratislava, in a zone of historical heritage, there is a building of a former Chamber of Commerce writing its next chapter. A new story that is following events of 110 years old history. Be the part of that!

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  • The most prestigious address to do the business is in the centre of all the buzz. At Gorkého street you will feel the heartbeat of the Old Town. Just few steps away from the beautiful Square of Hviezdoslav with the historical building of the National Slovak Theatre till the corners of narrow streets with the best Bratislava’s restaurants. Without any doubt, you will soon realize that the picturesque historical centre doesn't attract just curious tourists but entrepreneurs from all around the world as well.

  • Administrative offices are fully equipped with the latest technology in order to meet the highest standards of the most demanding clientele. Completely reconstructed premises are fully adjustable as well. Nearby can be found complete civic amenities needed for your business. In walking distance can be found branches of many banks, notarial and legal bureaus, post office, restaurants and cafes.

  • Reconstruction and redevelopment of Slovak chamber of Commerce’s administrative building - Gorkeho 4, Bratislava

    Architecture and construction solution:

    • Historical building in city centre
    • National cultural landmark
    • Fully reconstructed - restored and recovered street and yard premises, staircase and common area.
    • Inner yard conversion into central hall and representative area with glazed roofing.
    • Replicas of historical window fillings with double pane unit isolation, opening wing units and electrically controlled outer wooden roller shutter
    • A pair of exclusive personal lifts controlled in duplex system
    • Representative stucco designed staircase with authentic blacksmith railing from the turn of 19th and 20th century
    • Entries to client premises located directly from central hall
    • Night lighting of external facades with multiple scenes - power save LED technology
    • Interior and common area lighting - power save LED technology
    • Clear office height: 4500 - 3400 /1fl. - 4fl./
    • Flooring height - arbitrary
    • Office wall dividers - solid static brick
    • Office wall dividers - SDK variable dividers - according to client needs
    • Ceiling - SDK reduction - according to client needs


    • Multi-floor with the capacity of 3kN/m2

    Fire protection:

    • Voice alarm systems
    • Electronic fire alarm systems
    • Emergency lighting
    • 2 escape ways, one of them guarded

    Heating and cooling:

    • 4 pipe fan-coil system with temperature and fan speed control and the ability to connect to central smart home system
    • Designed window fan-coils with radiating heating board


    • Ventilation:
      • Office premises (1st fl.): 45m3 h-1/person (air change 5xh-1)
      • Office premises – smoking area (1st fl.): 100m3.h-1/person (air change n= 10xh-1)
      • Client premises parts: air change n= 3xh-1

    Heavy current:

    • Flexible bus system with the ability to be customised based on customer needs
    • Flexible distribution of electric energy based on customer needs on each floor

    Weak current / Data:

    • Optical connectivity with data storage
    • Inner wirings for SLP cabling CAT7 (10Gbit/s, 900MHz) – main vertical wirings located in the building
    • Each rented area is set up with 2x S/FTP KAT 7 cable, LSOH and 1x SM 4vl optical cable, 9/125µm LSOH
    • Interior and exterior CCTV system protecting renter’s security
    • Building cloak protection
    • Wireless access control system via ID cards
    • Central reception 24/7
    • Option to block floors inside the lifts
    • Video doorman
    • LED lighting


    • Plastic composite distributors of hot and cold water
    • Weld sewer pipes
  • „We have been working on restorations of listed structures for almost 35 years. Our aspiration to work as professionals has always been connected with our motivation and the criterion to cooperate with a cultural investor whose aim is not just to assess returns but also to contribute to technical restoration of a listed structure and to find a reasonable usage of the premises while vitalizing the building. We are glad we have found such investor with a creative executive management with whom we are cooperating on the reconstruction of the historical building of a former Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava. Throughout several years, during the project development and the reconstruction works on the building itself, we have been communicating actively in order to overcome the difficulties and to find solutions to both usual and unexpected problems that are an inevitable part of every challenging architectonic project. I am convinced, at the end of this process we are all going to look forward to seeing renewed historical architectonic site, located at the heart of the city close to the Slovak National Theatre, representing the cheerful moments and the rise of the Central European cities at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. I believe, the story of this building will be successful and will bring happiness not just to us, architects, but also to investors, restorers, preservationists, technicians and construction workers. Last but not least, I am sure the building will excellently serve its clients who are going to spend part of their professional life there and the charm of the administration building will catch the attention of every passerby. The realization of this piece of work is a contribution of all of us who are involved in making the historical centre of our capital city more attractive.“

    Peter Bouda

    architect Gorkeho4Offices

Background Image

History of the building

  • 18th c.
  • 19th c.
  • 20th c.
  • Present
  • In the past the area where the building is standing nowadays, had been a part of the town’s fortress. Apart from that, there was a ditch stretching up to recent Jesenského street. It was only in the 18th century when the home building behind the Slovak national Theatre started to shape. Two-storey building that had been built there though was always mistaken for an aristocratic mansion due to its elegant and rich decoration.

  • In the 19th century, Johann Berendy breathed new life into the building. Even though, Mr. Berendy was originally a blacksmith and locksmith master, he established the steam spa in the ground floor of the building. After his death, Berendy’s wife took after the spa. However, the next generations of the family decided to close the spa. In the pictures from the 19th century, there is a visible serious static error. It is not known whether it was the spa or the establishment of the new tram road in 1895 that caused the fracture but it led to the demolition of Berendy’s house.

  • In 1903 the Chamber of Commerce, designed by architect Jozef Hubert, was built at this place. At the beginning, this majestic eclectic building had had three floors with expressively escalating corner towers till the architect Milan Karmic didn't build another floor above. The rich stucco decoration and the courtyard gallery with original forged balustrade has been preserved till nowadays.

    In the 20th century, the building underwent through several reconstruction works and as the time passed by it had become the resort of the Financial Administration of SSR, Association of Slovak dramatic artists. The board of the Slovak National Theatre also couldn't resist the charm of the building and used it as the residency till 2004.

  • Currently, the building is being completely reconstructed according to the vision of the architectonic agency represented by Peter Bouda and Ivan Masár. When the reconstruction works are completed, the premises will serve as the historical administration building of the highest standard meeting the needs of the most demanding clientele.


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For more info about the project please see our brochure.